Thursday, January 15, 2009

One of those days.

I knew things were heading south yesterday afternoon, when a pale-faced Reed was complaining of a sore throat. Long story short, he woke up with a fever and is staying home from school.

Today of all days, though, I was slated to bring a boatload of food to our MOPS group, in an effort to provide a variety of samples for taste-testing recipes from The Sneaky Chef and Deceptively Delicious. I had brownies, and cookies, and a crock-pot full of mac and I had food for the main buffet table. Oh, and handouts (which were put together around 8:30 at Kinko's last night) and copies of the books, and who knows what else. It was a lot of stuff.

So Lauren went to school in the -15 degree arctic blast, Reed was dropped off at Kirk's office to hang out in a "cube" for a couple of hours, and Grace and I sped off to MOPS.

Not even 1/2 hour into my morning, school called. Lauren was in the health room, saying her left ear "really, really" hurt. Hmmm. No fever, no cold symptoms...could it be that my child is feigning illness so I would come pick her up? I laid it out and said no, I cannot come now to get you, and Dad cannot come either. If you are really sick you can rest in the health room and we will get you later. That was 9:30 is now 11:55 and I have not heard back. I'm guessing the ear got better all of a sudden.

And then, 30 minutes later, Kirk called to ask if I am on my way. Um, no, I told him I am in the middle of my Sneaky Chef talk and the food is still being taste-tested. "But I have to go to a meeting," he said, yet poor Reed was sitting there with his book and DS and probably felt miserable. So did I, by then. Luckily there were very few people in his office, and it was OK for Reed to hang out while Kirk left. Grace and I left MOPS in a hurry and sped back across town to pick him up.

I'm glad to have my truly sick child back home, yet he is sulking because there are no good movies in the house. Sigh. It is always something. As for me, I think I'll eat a brownie and drink some tea, and maybe curl up in the sunshine like a cat this afternoon. That is, unless school calls back about a child with an ear that is still "really, really" hurting.
Edit: After watching Reed attempt to eat (which looked like pure torture with every swallow), I got him into the doctor. My intuition was right on the money - he has strep throat. What's making him feel loads better at the moment, however, are the two James Bond movies (Sean Connery - old school!) that Grandpa brought over. You rock, Grandpa! And, guess what? School never did call back.


Sherilyn said...

You are definitely One Tough Mother!! I'm proud of you. Hope I don't have strep. No fever so I'm thinking it's not. Wish I could have heard your talk. I'm sure everyone loved it!!

Jill said...

Jenny-- you did awesome today!! I never would have guessed you were having this kind of day! It was fun to catch up a little! I think I play date is in our future. My moppet was pretty bummed that your moppet had to leave early! :) I hope Reed is feeling better tomorrow!