Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some things.

A few things that have me excited these days...

...we are finally meeting with an accountant, to help me get set up to collect sales tax. Why this has been such a huge hurdle for me, I have no idea. Still, I am stoked because this will allow me to buy goods wholesale, which will be a bonus to the pocketbook!

...I decided to do a craft show this spring - Millard West High School, on March 14. I am really looking forward to having something to look forward to! My mind has been spinning thinking of booth display ideas. I may do more than this one, but either way it lets me plan and design and execute before next fall, when I definitely hope to get in on some more sales. that are surprisingly health-food concsious, leading to a little recipe experimentation thanks to The Sneaky Chef. I have tried some before, then set the book aside for the better part of a year. So far we have learned that hiding "purple puree" (ie blueberries and spinach) in a box mix of brownies = goooooood.

...and did I mention school started back on Monday? Yes, that has been excellent for my mental health!

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knitsational said...

I love doing craft shows! just to get and set the things up and meet people and pretend you are a real "store". I think they're very addictive.
Good luck!