Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Feeling kinda lousy around here lately, thanks to the four year-old passing her cold on to me. Unfortunately it's been one laced with a bit of a fever too...not so much to completely sideline me, but enough that I've been hot-cold-hot-cold-hot for a few days. Nothing like clothing layers and Tylenol to help combat the chills!

On the upside, the fever part is gone but I do still have the cold. It makes me feel like doing nothing! Yet I realized the other day that I have a mid-March craft show looming and I really do need to get some things done. Last night I did some major production work and I totally credit my iPod with having enough uplifting and motivating tunes to keep me going.

Side note - the other day, when watching the Oscars, Lauren stated one of the movies titles as "The Curious Case of Benjamin's Belly Button." Now that movie would be interesting I'm sure!

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Sherilyn said...

Probably better than the original!!