Sunday, February 1, 2009


Do you remember the first musical you ever saw?

For me, it was Cats. Fall, 1987. I was twelve, and I got tickets to the show for my birthday. We were lucky enough to score front row seats (long story...involving missing the ticketed performance, my guilt-ridden mom in tears, and therefore her paying for a second set of tickets). I'll never forget the cat/person coming off stage, standing right in front of us, literally between us and the orchestra pit, and hissing/snarling/pawing at our legs. I was totally blown away!

When Kirk and I started dating, the show came to town and we went together. It was his first musical as well...kinda cool that we can both claim that. We sat on the end of a row (intentional on my part) and he was completely freaked when a cat/person hissed against the back of his neck as they crept through the theater at the beginning of the show.

Where am I going with this? Well, today, I took Lauren to see the show. At age 6.5 I realize she's a bit young, but for the last 6 months or so she has been enthralled with all things feline. And, being the middle child, she rarely gets to do cool things solo with mom or dad!

It was a magical afternoon! She held my hand (rare, let me tell you) and with wide eyes took in the theater and all of the goings-on before the show. Then, the lights went down and I can only describe the look on her face as childlike wonder. It really was. She totally got it. And loved it. I must admit, I get emotional when I share special moments like this with my kids. Knowing that she was seeing and experiencing something that was so new, so surreal, so out-of-this-world to her was amazing! I will treasure the memory (oh, no pun intended!) forever.

Good times.

p.s. She declared Rum Tum Tugger is her favorite. Should I be worried that she most loves the hip-shaking ladies man?
p.p.s. We will be purchasing the soundtrack. I had it (I think an album! wow that dates me!) - and I can't tell you how many times I "performed" pretty much the whole thing in front of my bedroom mirror. It is no wonder that I easily could have sung along to each and every song today.

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