Monday, February 2, 2009


An excerpt from Little House on the Prairie...

Kansas was an endless flat land covered with tall grass blowing in the wind. Day after day they traveled in Kansas, and saw nothing but the rippling grass and enormous sky. In a perfect circle the sky curved down to the level land, and the wagon was in the circle's exact middle.

All day long Pet and Patty went forward, trotting and walking and trotting again, but they couldn't get out of the middle of that circle. When the sun went down, the circle was still around them and the edge of the sky was pink. Then slowly the land became black. The wind made a lonely sound in the grass. The camp fire was small and lost in so much space. But large stars hung from the sky, glittering so near that Laura felt she could almost touch them.

I love the imagery of this. The endless land, the blowing wind, and especially the unchanging circle.

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Peach said...

I love it too.

She was such a brilliant writer. After I finish rereading The Little Prince (a new translation) I am going to have to dive back into that series.