Friday, February 6, 2009


Certainly, we have heard of Captain "Sully" and his amazing water-landing in the Hudson River. I can't imagine the level of courage it takes to fly an airplane once, much less daily, and even then to have to land one in a river. What's interesting is that he says he is not a hero - he was just doing his job.

What do you consider to be courageous?

I think most often courageous acts are not on the news. No interviews, no Nightline or Today Show, no key to the city or invitation to the Super Bowl. Regular people, extraordinary choices.

This afternoon I witnessed courage such as this. I was in the library (in the self-help section no less, probably surrounded by dozens of books on courage), when I heard talking. Kind of loud talking, which got my attention. I looked around the end of the stack to see what was going on, and what I saw and heard gave me goosebumps. Seated at a table was a woman, probably in her mid-50's, and she was learning to read. Word after word she read aloud from her workbook, "R-an-ch. P-in-ch. R-ash. L-ash. M-ash. S-ash." Her instructor was at least half her age, and he was totally cheering her on, "You're on a roll! Keep going!"

I wonder, what encouraged this woman to take this amazingly courageous step? Does she know that she deserves accolades as much as Captain Sully? Does she know that her decision to learn to read, after obviously struggling for a long time, is a truly extraordinary choice?

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Peach said...

That is awesome! I think she deserves some kind of accolades.

Thank you for the good thought!