Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So, I'm ready to divulge a little more about the business side of things as of late, considering some recent developments. I have taken a big leap forward and things, although not much different at the moment, are starting to feel different. I like that.

My business is now officially called "iCraft." Yes, the same name as this blog in fact! I actually had the name in mind for a business when I established the blog, and named it so just in case I took the aforementioned leap and created something around the name. I love the name. I love that it is a noun and a verb, which indicates doing. Crafting. Creating. Making good things. Take a peek at my sidebar and you'll get a good feel for the i + Words = a cool statement.

OK, so the biz is iCraft and now you're wondering, what about this shop and this shop? Well, for now they are still going strong and are to be considered my "brands" under the new company. I will continue to make items for both Etsy shops and when I do shows, I will sell my merchandise under those names. Am I starting to sound like a juggler, with many balls up in the air?

The last piece I'd like to explain (at least for tonight, lest this get too long) is that iCraft is the title of my newest shop on Etsy (yes, it's official, I am crazy!) which will be devoted to selling fabric and craft supplies. You don't even know how much I loved sitting with a fabric sales rep this morning, while she covered my dining room table in swatches. And art books. And colorways. And we chatted about designers and manufacturers and Quilt Market. It was so fun looking, and buying! Things will be starting slowly and then build, with more offerings as I am able. And I have to share that last night, as I was working on my business plan, I thought that if I can have fun writing a business plan then I must be on the right track!

So stay tuned, there will be plenty more to come! I'm waiting on some logo graphics and will also update when the bolts of newly-purchased fabric arrives, because I'll probably start listing it sooner than later. Thanks friends, again! You all rock in your support!

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Nicole said...

How exciting Jenny! I can't wait to see your new fabrics. I started thinking about a quilt when you mentioned you were going to start selling fabric a few weeks ago.