Monday, March 23, 2009

My guy rocks.

Kirk is so good at so many things. He rocks (literally) on bass and guitar; he rocks (figuratively) at his job in the tech world; and of course he rocks at home when it comes to being an awesome husband and father. He also does little things for me (when I ask nicely), such as "honey, could you come help me with my blog banner?" Such was the case a little while ago, when he sat at the computer, and with a little html wizardry he fixed a problem in the template code so now you can see the pretty banner above. So, thank you honey. You rock!

p.s. If you subscribe to my blog (and if you do, thank you! you rock too!) please see the real deal and check out the new banner. My friend Jen rocks in her own cool, graphic design way. Thanks again, Jen, for the new look for the shop and the blog! I love it!

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Sherilyn said...

Jenny loves Kirk....Jenny loves Kirk......(please read the preceeding in a sing songy voice!!)