Monday, March 16, 2009

Simple pleasures.

I get excited about the littlest things sometimes. For instance, I just pulled a giant catalog from my mailbox from U-Line. What is U-Line, you ask? Well, they sell packaging and shipping products. Things like mailing envelopes, bubble wrap, boxes, bins, bags, etc. I could spend hours poring over this stuff. I know, it's sad, isn't it? (Good thing I'm in the market for some new shipping envelopes, so I can justify the time spent on perusing all 451 pages!)

And, the kids are home today thanks to a teacher workday. It's been lovely weather but they are all as crazy as can be. I am holding out for the time of the afternoon when they settle in to watch some TV, so I can curl up with a good cup of tea and a new book.

p.s. speaking of books, did I tell you I started reading the Twilight series? I know it's a movie and all, but I can't help picturing this guy as Edward. It's just that the guy in the movie will always be Cedric Diggory to me, tragically killed on a whim by Lord Voldemort. ("Kill the spare!") Yes, I have read those books too many times for a gal my age. But I digress.

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Nicole said...

Love it. I do the same thing if I happen to get a catalog from the container store. If only it could be 451 pages.

Do you like Twilight? I had thought about reading it but didn't know if I needed to be enthralled in another children's series (aka Harry Potter).