Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday, AKA The Longest Afternoon of the Week.

Simply put, kids in our school district get out early on Wednesdays for extra "teacher planning time." Truly, I don't begrudge the teachers their time. Yet inevitably, it wreaks havoc on our afternoon and d-r-a-g-s ... i-t ... o-u-t ... and by the time oh, say 5:00 rolls around I am ready to scream! The kids fight more than usual and make more of a mess than usual and generally go crazy and push every one of my buttons (more than usual). Oye. It is not fun.

So, I fight the fires and try to corral the mess and banish them all to the other room to at least keep the insanity away from me for a little while. At least Wednesday only comes once a week.

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Nicole said...

Wednesday afternoons were fabulous when I was teaching in Millard. I never thought about the parents. Maybe because I wasn't one yet.

Do you ever go roller skating? SkateDaze has Wacky Wednesday every week from 2-6 & 6-8. Kids can even earn passes for good grades. I was recently checking out their web site because we have never been skating and I think the boys would love to try.