Monday, April 6, 2009

9 year-old musings.

There are days that I have to stop and remind myself that Reed is almost 9 years old. How did that happen? Today was one of those days, yet it hit me from the "wow he's really growing up" aspect rather than "what happened to my baby?"

There were a couple of things that touched this off today. First, we were shopping at the mall - who knew shopping with Reed and Lauren, sans preschooler Grace - could be fun? We were in a kids clothing store and I was looking at a polo shirt. Brown, with stripes, etc. The conversation went thus:

Him: Mom, that shirt is sweet!
Me: What?
Him: I said it was sweet!
Me: You really like this?
Him: Yeah, it's cool.
Me: So, you want me to buy it?
Him: Yeah. (insert cool head-nod here)
Me: Um, OK, but since when did you start deciding which clothes were cool?

Then, awhile later (while looking for dress slacks for Kirk, I'm sure the kids were having a blast) Reed started another conversation;

Him: Mom, there's some 'Eagle' store that's supposed to be cool.
Me: American Eagle?
Him: Yeah, that's the one! It's cool.
Me: How do you know about American Eagle?
Him: My small group leader at church. He got a gift card to that store. Can I buy stuff there?
Me: No, it's for teens. And adults, trying to look like teens. I don't think anything would fit you yet.
Him: Well, when I'm big enough will you take me shopping there?"

Really, this is all huge because my boy generally could care less about what he looks like or what he's wearing (gray camo pants and a kelly green polo are right up his alley), so for him to suddenly be struck by clothing that's cool...well, I think my guy is growing up. A bit.

(Longest post ever, I know, but there's more!)

So then, at lunch, he completely cracked me up by doing a dead-on impersonation of Aunt Bethany from Christmas Vacation. It was totally out of the blue when he said, "Clark, is this the airport?" and I about snorted my tea out my nose. He has apparently memorized the whole Christmas dinner scene, complete with Uncle Louis screaming at Aunt Bethany about saying grace ("Grace? She died 30 years ago!") which then leads into Bethany saying "I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America..." That movie makes me laugh, every time...I was just not quite prepared to have Reed appreciate some of the finer points as well!

And, finally, in the car on the way home from swimming lessons, he nonchalantly asked me, "Mom, is there such a thing as adult diapers?"

Oh, I am still chuckling over that one!

How much funny stuff will the next nine years bring me?


Sherilyn said...

Sounds like a good day!! I'm not going to "compare" mine to yours!! :-)

Nicole said...

Fun stories. Hopefully that is a window to my future when shopping with the boys will be enjoyable.