Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Let me feature you!

The new fabric shop is doing well - thank you to everyone who has checked it out and even made a purchase or two! I am loving it, big time. I can't wait to continue adding more inventory, which is coming little by little.

Lately as I have been cutting lengths of fabric I keep wondering what cool projects you're all working on. Clothing? Bags? Quilts? I would LOVE to know what you're making with fabric you purchase from me, so I am asking you to send me your photos of completed projects (or even projects in the works!) and I will feature you and your photos here on my blog. If you have an Etsy shop, well, even better because I will link back to your store as well!

I hope I hear from some of you soon! I would really enjoy this being a regular blog feature. And, if it happens to grow I might do a Flickr group as well as a feature. So send me those photos, people, and let me know what yer makin'!

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