Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The shoe solution.

About eight or so years ago, we had one child. He was pretty small. And he had one pair of shoes. Life was easy.

Then came another child, a daughter, and although she too was small, she had more shoes than the first.

And yet another child came into our world, another daughter, and the shoes seemed to multiply. There were tennis shoes, and sandals, and slippers, and flip flops, and more sandals, and then brown boots and snow boots and black boots. Don't even get me started on the crocs. Now, these didn't all belong to the third child, so we won't blame her, but we're pretty sure that the fact that she was a girl had something to do with the deluge of shoes.

Thus, a problem. Where to put them all?

Our house may have a lot of closet space, but there is no space devoted to the taking-off and storing of shoes. We have tried many solutions, from a simple shelf to an overly-complicated over-the-door shoe rack (which required jimmy-rigging from a super ugly, yellow nylon rope). I was nearly at my wit's end a month ago, when, thanks to the ever-changing weather we had every shoe in the house piled by the door, from flip flops to snow boots.

So with high hopes I decided it was time to try to solve the problem again. This time I bought a ClosetMaid Cubicals unit, 4 squares high by 2 squares wide. I also bought one cube container for each person, thinking that everybody could dump their shoes in their own bin, then slide the bin into place.

And you wanna know what?

It is awesome. Life changing. (I know, there might be a few single or childless people out there reading this snickering and thinking, 'life changing? C'mon, you're being dramatic. Shoe storage that works isn't life changing.') ... Fine, snicker if you must but know that someday you just might have shoes coming out of your ears and you will realize that it really is a big, big deal! I do have fantasies of the next house having something like this...but in the meantime, this will do just fine!p.s. Men's shoes, size 13, definitely do NOT fit into the cubes. But, they do stack neatly on top or in one of the 3 open sections!

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Robyn said...

Love it!!! Now that we have a girl, I'm starting to clearly understand the shoe issue!