Sunday, May 3, 2009

A-line skirt.

About a month ago I was inspired to make myself a new spring skirt from Amy Butler's fab Optic Blossom. Naturally, the weather has been chilly enough that I haven't been able to wear it until today. It's a simple A-line, made from no particular pattern - I literally traced the lines of my favorite skirt onto the fabric and cut. This book helped too, I highly recommend it. It has a zipper on the side (had to put that in twice, guess that's good practice right?) and a narrow bias tape waist band. Super simple.

Hello, Sunday morning shadow.

And those toes? Those are happy toes. Welcome back spring, these toes have missed you!

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Nicole said...

Your skirt is so cute. I meant to tell you that this morning but then my mine wandered to other things - world missions and such. Anyway, I thought you were the picture of spring.