Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Slumber party.

The night before Reed's birthday was devoted to a slumber party. Small-ish (2 friends + Reed) but fun nevertheless! He was SO excited, as were the other boys - they spent the week prior figuring out what movie to watch, which video games to play, etc. Besides, how can you go wrong with pizza, cake, presents, a sun-filled evening, and no time limits on gaming? They finally hit the sack about midnight, and promptly awoke at 5:00 am to resume the gaming (thankfully, they were in the basement). Reed came into our room at 5:30 am to report on something (I forget what) and we both said, "Happy birthday, buddy, but get the heck out of here!" He was totally exhausted for the rest of his birthday, but certainly perked up for more presents and cake later!
That's some major air after jumping off the swing!
Me: What kind of cake do you want? Him: I want it from Target. And with Wolverine on top. Or Star Trek. Me: (after calling Target) sorry, buddy, I had to do a military cake. Him: Cool!
A new nerf gun. This one has "bullets" that stick to glass, so they were getting shot at the fireplace all afternoon. Then, to check out if they were really glow-in-the-dark, he took the gear into the bathroom, turned off the lights, and proceeded to fire them all onto the mirror.

p.s. How can I be old enough to have a nine year-old?

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Sherilyn said...

Looks like fun!!