Saturday, June 6, 2009

Clutter busting.

When we bought our current house, we were impressed by the large amount of storage - a plethora of walk-in closets, a wall of cupboards in the laundry room, and two storage rooms. Sounds great, right? It has been, for the most part, until now when we contemplate selling this and moving to a new house. Because, friends, all of that storage space means that lots has been stored in there. A lot! Some stuff even made a lateral move from our old house, from one dark corner to a dark cupboard, never to be seen again. And now we have started the process of clearing the clutter, trying to make everything appear spacious and new-buyer-worthy.
Some things go straight to the trash, a lot of stuff goes to Goodwill, and a few things have been going to a "Will-we-or-won't-we-keep-it" halfway house set up in our bedroom (the closets are getting cleaned, but that room is a mess!). As I go through the mountains of stuff, I am occasionally sad - like when I found the sweet bug pj's that Reed wore when he was one. Or the tiny gray wool clogs the girls wore when they were two. Yet other things, like the random tapes (yes, I said tapes, not CD's) I had in junior high were easy to toss. (Question - why do I even still have those?) I'm not generally a pack rat or overly sentimental about our things; I guess having lots of storage just means you're never really forced to decide what is truly important to keep, and what things have served their purpose and need to move on to a new home!

p.s. That photo above? That's stuff to go to Goodwill, from Lauren and Grace's closet, plus the laundry room cupboards.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Loving this.

I have kids who drink water - and lots of it - and enjoy having it on the go (or sitting next to them while they watch tv). We had a few cheapy water bottles from Target but after a year they were chewed up and leaked horribly. I decided to spend a little more and get a better quality product this year, ending up at Scheels to make my purchase. I bought this - the CamelBak Better Bottle - and got it in 3 colors (each of our kids is assigned a color - avoids fights!). They have been great! The blue part of the straw is one you actually have to bite on to be able to suck water through. Thus, no backwash. For a family with kids known for a nasty backwash, this is a huge bonus! Now mom or dad can share water with a child and NOT say, "ewww, gross." I paid $12 a piece, but I see online they're cheaper. No leaks, BPA free, and the straw stays nice since it's meant to be bitten.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Lucky 13.

It was a good day today. Trip to the bookstore, a new library card, some painting supplies from the craft store, a haircut and color, fudgesicles with Grandma, an impromptu playdate for the boy. Later, a family dinner of pizza followed by strawberry wedding cake. The latter in honor of our anniversary, number 13. Funny, they've all felt pretty lucky.