Friday, August 21, 2009


This slideshow is making me happy. Oh, how I would love to buy a couple of plane tickets right now! When we were there 10 years ago we saw many of these sights, but not all. I have been loving all things French, particularly all things Paris lately. For a wonderful glimpse at real-life, on-the-street Paris, check out Nichole's blog, Little Brown Pen. And don't forget to look at her "More Posts from our time in Paris" link.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Alexander Henry.

Boule in Multi

Petite Boule in Multi

Petite Boule in Amethyst

I have had a lot of questions about these new fabrics, and realized I haven't featured them yet on the blog! They are new Alexander Henry prints - "Boule" features large circles (6") and "Petite Boule" features smaller circles (1"). Artsy, modern, and certainly colorful. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A creative outing.

I have to admit, I am digging this being home by myself business. The quiet is, well, quiet. I can think. I can eat lunch while reading a book. I can work on iCraft or Jenny Hofer Designs (which re-opened today!) or I can continue to plug away at household projects. Weeds sprayed? Check! Rose bush planted? Check! Kids books organized by size and genre? Check, check, and double check!

Yet I still have the need to get out of the house on a daily basis. I mean, the dog is great and all but she doesn't exactly hold up her end of the conversation! My sanity definitely involves getting out. However, when there are no particular errands to be run I am stuck thinking, "I want to get out. But what do I go do?"

Today, I got out and did some product photography, kind of on a whim. I went to a local arboretum with a handful of tote bags, searching for the perfect place to get some good shots. I felt a little self-conscious when the landscaping crews kept driving back and forth around me, but maybe they're used to seeing women carting around colorful bags and propping them up on trees! Anyway, it was fun. Getting out of the home element of my studio space and racks of fabric is a perfect way to feed my creative spirit.

Here are a few of my favorite shots. Of course I couldn't resist the landscaping either!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A new chapter.

My baby went off to kindergarten today. I must admit, I have actually been quite excited to get to this point, particularly last year when the afternoons got long and my mothering fuse was short. So many times Grace and I would sit on the front steps, waiting for the bus to go by, and I would tell her, "What am I going to do next year when YOU are on that bus, too?"

Well, today was that day, and I was sitting out front all alone.

I do harbor a piece of myself that has been increasingly sad over the last few days. Not so much for Grace to actually be in kindergarten, but moreso for myself and acknowledging the passage of time. To think that my days with babies are over. There will be no more nap times, or preschool programs, or playgroups. I am done with babies and toddlers and preschoolers and yes, a part of me is mourning the idea of saying goodbye to that time in my life.

Yet, with this sense of sadness comes excitement at the idea of change. What will happen in our lives during this next chapter? What lies just over the horizon? How will we grow, and change as a family? How will God help us lead our family through the new waters before us?

So much to think about.