Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good Folks quilt.

My iCraft fabric shop on Etsy has been on vacation lately, have you noticed? With everything going on with the house, and with the sewing flurry for the upcoming show, it just made sense. I am a terrible multitasker (if you don't believe me, ask my kids!) and I do SO much better when I can focus on one thing at a time. Hence putting iCraft on vacation.

But while I have been away it is evident that great things are coming from the pretty textiles I sell. Take a look at the gorgeous quilt made by Linda Hall, using blues and greens from Anna Maria's Good Folks collection. Such talent!

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Today's Baby said...

I so appreciate your posting the photo of my latest quilt. It was a custom order from someone who wanted it made from Anna Maria Horner fabric. I told her to search etsy and find a collection she liked and I Craft is where she found a selection that was "just right." So, the credit for my quilt goes to my customer and the talented lady who combines the fabrics. Thank you to you both.