Monday, September 28, 2009

House, craft show, and other random things.

House - So, if it wasn't official before it certainly is now - we are building a house and selling our current one! We own the lot (see previous post photo), the construction will begin soon-ish, and the For Sale sign is up in our yard. Now that the house is perfectly clean (as in, dusting-with-a-toothbrush-clean), it hasn't been too bad trying to keep things tidy for open houses, etc. It does beg the question of why I don't just keep things this clean on a regular basis? Hmmm. Guess it's not really in my nature.

Craft show - If you're an Omaha local, come visit me this Saturday at the Millard West Fall Craft Show from 9 to 4! I'm knee-deep this week frantically trying to get things in order, making sure I have enough of everything, and trying to remember how I had it organized in the spring. I admit I am most looking forward to spending the entire day with my mom again - she was an awesome help last spring! And so rare for us to spend that much time together at once.

Other random things - Read this book last week and LOVED it. Couldn't put it down. Haven't seen the movie, and frankly can't imagine it being as good as the book (are they ever?) I'm still thinking about it days later and wishing I had another good one in its place! Secondly, I love, love, love this YouTube video...this kid is amazing! I will admit that it took me a good minute (or two, or three) before I realized it was the same person, edited together to look like an a cappella group. Duh. Also, despite my aversion to all things Rachael Ray, I have watched a few episodes of 30 Minute Meals while eating lunch lately. I am planning to make this and this soon. The true test will be if a) I actually make it, and b) it really takes 30 or so minutes. I may continue to watch more episodes, but I will likely press "mute" when she starts going off on "EVOO."

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