Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween costumes (part 1).

The first of 3 costumes this year is done, thank you very much! With two days to spare before the class Halloween parties! I have to say I am pleased this year that all of my kids decided (well, more like agreed) to have at least a portion of their costume handmade. I am a big fan of pulling together a costume with what you have, not so much by going out and buying a prepackaged get-up. Don't get me wrong...we've had plenty of those (Thomas the Train, Mr. Incredible, Minnie Mouse, Superman, The Cat in the Hat, I could go on...). The prepackaged ones were actually great when they were littler - easy to put on, the effect was instantaneous, and it was, well, easy. Not everything can be easy with 3 kids all just 2 years apart.

Anyway, this year we came up with some good ideas I think. Lauren is going to be a zookeeper, which fits well with her love of animals and her current second-grade ambition to become a zookeeper someday. The costume was SIMPLE! I spent a grand total of $2.50 at Goodwill for a khaki shirt (which is corduroy, luckily she didn't care) and a greenish-khaki bucket hat. She has a laminated name tag from a zoo camp she did this summer, and plans to carry her favorite stuffed tiger, "Cubby."

The final piece of the costume? She requested patches for the shirt. Hmmm. I considered going to the zoo and looking in the gift shop, but at the last minute had a brainstorm to see if I could make patches myself. Here's what I did:

Got online and found images of several logos for our local zoo. I then copied them over to a blank document in Publisher, and included a khaki-colored box behind the image (my first attempt didn't include the box, but then the "patches" ended up being too white). I printed the images onto "inkjet fabric sheets" (purchased at Joann's awhile ago, so I had these on hand), then followed the instructions to make the ink colorfast. Next I sewed each image onto a piece of fusible interfacing, then trimmed and ironed onto the shirt. The final touch - a tight zigzag stitch around all edges to firmly attach to the shirt. I think they turned out well, and I know my little zookeeper will love the extra detail!

The great thing about these patches is that you could adapt this to a lot of different costumes. Flags or NASA images for an astronaut comes to mind, or anything that needs a logo to look more "official." If the inkjet fabric is too complicated, you could easily print it out on paper and run it through a sticker machine to adhere to the could even sew paper or cardstock onto the costume. Just remember that if you use a logo, it truly has to be for personal use - not for anything you'd consider reselling!

OK, one down, two to go...


Nicole Crawford said...

Adorable costume Jenny and so creative. I'm on pins and needles waiting to see the next costume!

Robyn said...

Very cute!!! What a great idea.

Also wanted you to know I gave you a Kreativ Blogger award today on my blog.