Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Times, they are a-changin'...

Obviously, life has been pretty different around here these last few days. Quiet and lonely for sure. We miss our puppy! And yet, in spite of the pang of that loss, we are thankful that she didn't suffer long (an hour, maybe?). The vet seemed to think she had a massive stroke, which is how she went from being a happy-go-lucky dog one minute (begging for attention and food!) and the next minute so badly ill. We're okay, just still sad that she is gone.

How else has life changed around this house in the last 72 hours? Well, the kids started their new school and I started a new job yesterday. The bonus for me is that the job is at their school, so I can drive them, go in to work, see them (occasionally) during the day, and leave together in the afternoon. No before/after-school care, no coordination of drop-off and pick-up, etc. As a former Occupational Therapist I have known for awhile that I would not want to work in a hospital again. The school setting is more my thing, so for now I can get back into the swing of working (after a 9.5 year hiatus) in the setting I prefer. Will I go back to OT? Maybe. I know that for now, I am where I am supposed to be!

The kids have loved their first two days of school. New friends, new teachers, new routines...they are soaking it all up and thankfully are excited for more. It has been such a blessing to check in with their teachers periodically during the day to ease the transition further! Truly, that is an answered prayer.

So, despite the home-front atmosphere changes, I am planning to continue operating iCraft on the side. Fabric sales only for now, I think. The only minor changes in operation will be that I will only be able to answer convo's (Etsy messaging/email) after 4:00 pm central time, and that international orders will be mailed on Wednesday and Saturdays only. So please continue to shop, I love the business and your awesome feedback!