Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Summer is more than half over (really?), speeding by like a runaway train! I thought it would feel like a slower pace without travel or summer camps on the agenda, but in reality I think it seems to be going even faster than usual.

The first piece of this update is that yes, we still own two homes. We like to joke that we have a vacation home, or an "east" and a "west" property. Or better yet, a "his" and "hers." Any joking on the matter is actually an attempt to somehow deal with the stress of it all! We've been lucky to have an awesome agent, and traffic has been busy this week. We continue to pray for the day when it is sold, closed, and the check is in hand. Hopefully soon.

The other piece of the update is sort of on the job front. While I still have my job as a para at my kids' elementary school, I came to the conclusion earlier this spring that the time is right for me to pursue renewing my Occupational Therapy credentials. My goal was to have all of my continuing education done by July, and wouldn't you know it - I finished up my last course on June 30th! I now have my national certification renewed (NBCOT certification, meaning I can sign my name "Jenny Hofer, OTR" ... and my state license for Nebraska is going to be issued on August 2nd. With that in hand I'll be able to sign "OTR/L."

So what do updated credentials mean for me? It will give me the ability to legally practice as an Occupational Therapist in my state, and therefore any job opportunities in the field will be open to me. Don't get me wrong, I actually love my job at school. But I think God is pushing me to open my heart to new horizons, whatever they may be.

It's scary being in a continual state of flux. My baby went off to kindergarten last year, we built a new home, I started a new job, we moved, we sold our house, now we're selling it again, and in the middle of it all I'm feeling like God has bigger plans for me that I just can't quite see yet. I'm not sure I remember what life was like when it was simple and predictable! So I wait, trying to learn my lesson in patience, and I trust God, knowing that His plan for my life was decided long, long ago.

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Nicole Crawford said...

I hear you Jenny! I've barely tackled anything on my summer "to do" list. Congrats on re-certification. Any prospects? Still praying for your house to sell but love the vacation home joke. I clean the east or west end of my house. Can't imagine thinking about east or west properties. :)