Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update, part deux.

It's official, I can legally sign my name with "OTR/L" and will actually be doing so very frequently in the near future. I have been hired as an occupational therapist for a local private therapy company, working in their pediatrics clinic. I'm looking forward to working with kids (I will see some adults too) and having an actual professional career once again! I feel very lucky to have the chance to ease back into OT after all these years. Truly, 9+ years is a long time to be away and I'm pleased my new employer has the confidence and faith in my abilities. And the best part? I got to pick my schedule so I can still be there for my kids before and after school. That is huge.

So for now, I am enjoying the last few days of my summer vacation before the kids go back to school and I start work. Lots of swimming and book-reading seem to be in order...

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Sherilyn said...

That is so awesome Jenny!! So happy for you.