Sunday, September 26, 2010


We did it, 13.1! An adventure for sure! It was hard, yes, but we agreed that we would absolutely do it again. Some shots from the morning:

Waiting in the pre-dawn, minutes from the start

Me and Erinn, ready to go!

The Bob Kerry pedestrian bridge in downtown Omaha - this was around mile 12.8 so we knew we were getting close!

Mile marker 13, a welcome site!

The finish line! I hope the runners behind us (who were finishing the entire marathon) didn't mind me snapping a photo at this point.

Other observations from the morning:
1. We never expected that we would have to take 3 pee breaks, 2 of which were during the race. Don't like porta-potties, but thank goodness they were there!
2. If you are a member of the "50 States Marathon Club," you are awesome. Period.
3. You are also awesome if you are running an entire marathon.
4. It was cool that runners and walkers cheered each other on as they passed.
5. It would be very challenging to run a marathon with a cowboy hat strapped to your head (yes, we saw this and don't get me started on the potential chafing issues!).
6. The 4 year-old water volunteer was the cutest of the day!
7. Experiencing something like this was made better by far by doing it with a good friend. MAP friends, we are recruiting for the Lincoln Half next spring!
8. Next up, Everest. (Just kidding, Sherilyn!) :)


Nicole Crawford said...

Way to go!!!...maybe Lincoln in May.

Sherilyn said...

Awesome job!! So glad it was a good experience. I'm definitely in for the Lincoln and Everest too! :-)

Erinn Nigro said...

Fun to see the pictures...I can't believe we did it!! The best part was just being able to hang out together!! Here's to the next one...

Jenny said...

Cheers, Erinn...I agree!! Looking forward to doing it again with you in the spring! And Sherilyn and Nicole, consider yourselves signed up! :)