Thursday, February 17, 2011


warm(er) breezes
morning birdsong
muddy grass
retreating snow
later sunset
kids on bikes
chalk drawings
open jackets
spring, i think.
if not yet, then soon?
i am ready!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Costa Rica.

In just over 4 months, we will be heading waaaaaay south for a little relaxation...

It's always hard to choose a vacation destination, and after last year we really wanted something lovely, relaxing, and interesting. No Disney, no Gulf coast, and no Mexico! We were thinking about something all-inclusive in the Caribbean but then the more we learned about Costa Rica, the more it won out! So, we found this amazing looking place on the Pacific Coast of CR, a resort of private villas that each have their own pool and personal chef. Seriously, I was sold on the latter part alone. That will be my true vacation, having someone cook for me for a whole week and I don't have to go to restaurants to do so.

We plan to relax, hang out on the beach, ride horses, and go on a few excursions. I have always wanted to go ziplining (high on the bucket list), so that is definitely on the agenda. We have heard the wildlife is pretty cool too, including monkeys in the trees and turtles on the beach. Add in some sunsets, distant views of volcanoes and even Nicaragua, and it should shape up to be very memorable indeed!

Oh, and did I mention that kids are going too? Not sure what they are more excited about - getting passports, seeing monkeys from the breakfast table, or spending a week pretending to be castaways on Survivor!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


So sad I have neglected this space for such a long time. Sorry, friends! Life is clipping along I guess. Here are a few general updates for the time being...

1. The house is sold. Done, gone, finite, adios. I still have nightmares (for real!) but we are happy, happy, happy to be back to being a household with only ONE house. Whew!

2. The job is going well. I am busy. I am tired. But it's good, it's all good.

3. We are Costa Rica bound in June. Pura Vida!

More to come soon.