Saturday, August 27, 2011

Retro rainbows.

You know how Google sometimes takes you to curious places?

Well, a little while ago I found myself Googling "vintage Trapper Keeper." Say wha..? I know, weird right? I was initially searching for a cool birthday present for my awesome cousin (who has a, ahem, rather significant birthday coming up), and the other day we were discussing the awesomeness of the Trapper Keeper from our youth. Hence my Google search.

Did you have a Trapper Keeper? They were the ultimate in back-to-school NON-necessities! I'm sure teachers hated them, with the velcro rrriiiippp every time they opened. I think I was heading into fourth grade when my mom, out of the blue, said my brother and I could pick one out. So unlike my mom, the kind of gal that would never buy us anything "just because!" Obviously we didn't give her the chance to change her mind and probably ran full tilt to Osco Drug to make our selections.

Mine was a no-brainer:

Awesome, right? Now I'm just waiting for the day that they bring back the retro Trapper designs and sell them! Except my fourth grader would undoubtedly tell me, "uh, Mom? Yeah, that's totally NOT cool." Sigh.

So my Google search didn't stop there, because I had another set of rainbows in my past that I remember fondly as well. I had an entire wall in my teeny tiny Ohio bedroom that was papered in rainbows. Google didn't let me down when I tried to find it:

Yep, that's the exact wallpaper I had! Can you imagine a whole room in that stuff? I think that's why my parents only did one wall, so I wouldn't fall down dizzy every time I entered the room. I found this photo as a listing on Etsy, where someone had sold an entire roll of the stuff. I would love a swatch of it, but an entire roll? Thanks, but, no thanks. I think I'll stick with my rainbow Trapper.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this. My sister and I had this same wallpaper in our childhood bedroom, along with a shaggy green carpet the color of grass. I sent her the picture and she literally gasped. Wish we could get a square of it also. Did you ever have any luck?

Anonymous said...

I also lived in Ohio and had this same wallpaper and my parents must have blown it up and painted one huge rainbow house on one wall. What a blast from the past! So awesome thanks!