Saturday, May 19, 2012


Some of you knew I would be going to Zambia this spring, while others might be wondering what brought me to the heart of Africa all of a sudden.  I purposefully did not talk about it much other than to close family and friends.  I went on a mission trip through my church, with the purpose of working with orphans at a day-center our church helped fund a few years ago.  I have felt called to go there for 4-5 years and finally the opportunity was right for me to go.  The Hope Center currently helps care for about 60 orphans in the Serenje area, by providing school fees, a daily hot meal, and a few clothes.  60 may sound like a good number until you learn that there are more than 2000 orphans in that area alone.  The HIV crisis is huge across Africa and therefore many, many children are losing their parents and being shuffled from home to home.  While there I learned that kids are kids no matter where you go, and even though they may have extremely dire circumstances, they are incredibly resilient.  They crave love so that is exactly what we poured out on them!  As I said before, I gladly left a piece of my heart there and I so look forward to going back and seeing the sweet faces I have come to love.

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